Dai Linh Group – A journey of responsibility to the Community, Society & Environment

CSR activities showing responsibility to society, the community and the environment have always been paid great attention and focus to by Dai Linh Group, which is clearly reflected in its business philosophy: “Taking the motto of harmonizing the interests of the parties, we put the interests of people, customers, society and the community in the development goal of the Enterprise.” During the 20-year journey of establishment and development, DaiLinh Group has always actively participated in activities for the community and society. We understand that business development cannot be successful if we forget ethical and human values. This is a solid foundation for Dai Linh to make its commitment and attach it to its Mission and practical actions year after year. 

In volunteer activities

With the spirit of mutual affection, good leaves protect torn leaves, DaiLinh Group’s golden heart fund always goes hand in hand, building community activities towards disadvantaged people who need the support of society. In which, especially women, children and families with extremely difficult circumstances. Every year, the activity of supporting poor households and disadvantaged families to have a more spacious house is a noble gesture and this is also one of the humane community activities organized by the Board of Directors and the entire Dai Linh staff actively deploy and implement.

Dai Linh Group – A journey of responsibility to the Community, Society & Environment

The leadership of Dai Linh together with the Provincial Women’s Union and the District Women’s Union jointly presented a house of love for Ms. Tran Thi Quyet’s family

Dai Linh Group – A journey of responsibility to the Community, Society & Environment 1
Dai Linh Import-Export Trading Joint Stock Company gives houses of gratitude to needy households in Ca Mau

Dai Linh Group – A journey of responsibility to the Community, Society & Environment 2The handover ceremony of a teammate’s house to the family of martyr Tran Thua Kien will be a continuation of DaiLinh Group’s meaningful activities in carrying out its mission on the journey for the community and society

In addition to the activities of building houses of gratitude, Dai Linh team has implemented the annual activity “Mid-Autumn Festival for children” with the desire to encourage the spirit of children to overcome diseases, create joy for the children on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The program is small, but it has become a great encouragement both mentally for children and their families, helping them to love life more so that they can move on stronger and overcome the pain of illness.

Dai Linh Group – A journey of responsibility to the Community, Society & Environment 3

Warm mid-autumn gifts are delivered to family members of newborn babies

CEO Nguyen Hoai Huong once shared: “Besides production and business, DaiLinh Group always focuses on charity and humanitarian work, sharing difficulties with the poor is an annual activity and a social responsibility of DaiLinh Group, we are always willing and ready to contribute our part to bring warm and fuller Tet holidays to poor households and people in difficult circumstances. The house of gratitude may not have great material value, but it shows Dai Linh’s sympathy and sharing, helping to partly face difficulties in life.

Community activities

Along with volunteering activities, Dai Linh Group also always focuses on participating in community activities, especially in the last 2 years when the Covid pandemic broke out and caused a negative impact on people’s lives. Facing that situation, a series of solutions to support employees are being implemented by the Government and functional agencies to share love so that no one is left behind. And the mini-supermarket chain of 0 VND deployed in Hanoi is a bright drawing on the background of the gloomy picture in the middle of the pandemic season. Dai Linh Group feels extremely happy to be a part of this humane journey.

Dai Linh Group – A journey of responsibility to the Community, Society & Environment 4Dai Linh Group sponsors hand sanitizer to the system of mini supermarkets 0 VND

Environmental protection activities

At Dai Linh, we always believe that company development goes hand in hand with sustainable environmental protection factors. That comes from the acumen in the process of researching and selecting the world’s top imported brands that always uphold production processes and protect the environment such as: Ipek, Treaclemoon, Dr HER, Skinlovers,…In particular, we always give priority to the production of environmentally friendly products: cloth bags, paper bags with fast decomposition.

Dai Linh Group – A journey of responsibility to the Community, Society & Environment 5

Natural Cosmetic Cloth Bag is an item that spreads the positive message of Environmental Protection

Specifically, in the workplace, all employees should limit the use of plastic items, plastic bags,… encouraging the creation of a green and clean environment according to 5S standards. Loving the environment is a good action for all activities of the company to be developed sustainably.

In 2022, with a newer and larger vision, Dai Linh will carry out a variety of activities to protect the environment, notably the New Year tree planting program held in the first quarter of the new year to encourage and raise the spirit of preserving the green earth and creating a healthy living environment. In working together, developing with brands, we optimize packaging, use materials that can be easily recycled and have quick destruction. In products, there will also be more innovations, increasing the use of environmentally friendly ingredients, safe for consumers. In order to spread the positive meaning and turn it into action, Dai Linh is also committed to promoting communication with brands to protect the Earth and the environment through anniversaries or activities, minigames, cheering pictures,….

Finally, implementing and developing CSR activities is a journey that has no end, and that journey always blooms with beautiful flowers if we appreciate it and act with all our hearts. Still with the motto, the philosophy of business development goes hand in hand with activities for the community, society and the environment, Dai Linh Group will continue to write that humane journey, willing to further enhance the responsibility of the collective, dedicating themselves to contribute to the development of the country.

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