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The culture of learning is one of the features in the digital era. Today, the modern business environment is constantly evolving and placing new requirements on businesses. To be able to survive and best meet those requirements, businesses are increasingly prioritizing and investing more in training and learning. At Dai Linh Group, learning culture is considered as a core cultural element, an important spearhead to create lasting values.

A learning culture is one that encourages employees to learn and grow. Continuous learning aims to create innovation and develop creative thinking of all staff. This is likened to the blood flowing in the veins of a business. If learning stops, innovation stops. And if innovation stops, so does progress. Products will gradually lose their competitive advantage and more importantly, the organizational system and employees will also be fragmented, reducing the ability to promote intelligence and directly affect the quality and performance of work. 

Realizing the importance and sensitivity of the current trend, Dai Linh Group has deployed a variety of training forms from Online to Offline. Starting from small sharing sessions of departments gradually to company-wide learning and training sessions, creating a sustainable learning culture. With the composition and structure of each individual class, suitable for each position and capacity of employees, this makes an important contribution to improving the quality of internal training. Let’s review 4 impressive lessons successfully implemented by Dai Linh:

Internal trainer training course “Train the trainer”

One of the biggest barriers for most employees is a lack of confidence and “afraid” to perform in front of a crowd. To increase motivation as well as help personnel break that limit, the 21-day training course “Train the trainer” by Dai Linh under the teaching of Ms. Lan Anh – Trainers with 15 years of experience FMCG Sales & Product Training took place. Through each session, it is possible to notice a step-by-step change, although slowly but surely when the participating staff can be more confident, eliminate 3 shyness: afraid to speak, afraid to ask, afraid to show.

Culture of Learning - Sharing - Training of DaiLinh Group

The “Train the trainer” course helps Dai Linh’s employees become experts when introducing products to customers

Culture of Learning - Sharing - Training of DaiLinh Group 1

Lan Anh’s product training course

Besides, Dai Linh has spread the culture of learning to partners and collaborators of brands. Also under the teaching of Ms. Lan Anh, the students participated enthusiastically and gained a lot of useful knowledge about the product, promoting sales.

Course “10 leadership skills – Crestcom”

With enthusiasm and desire to invest in human resources to have the right partners, at the fourth quarter of 2020, Dai Linh has stepped up training activities for resource staff, improving management skills, creating a learning community among Leaders to share experiences and understand each other better. Crestcom course – 10 leadership skills is one of them.

Culture of Learning - Sharing - Training of DaiLinh Group 2

Crestcom course helps to improve the leadership skills of Leaders

With copyrighted textbooks from abroad with famous lecturer Hoang Ngoc Bich, each lesson will focus on deepening 1 skill, incorporating internal discussion forums will help deepen knowledge and become experience when applied in practice. Most importantly, all participating students are committed to actively learning with an open mind and enthusiasm, willing to share and re-train subordinates for Dai Linh to become a united collective, jointly innovate and aqual development.

Positive thinking development and renewal course “Change your mind – change your life”

This past July, August, when the Covid pandemic turned our lives upside down. Depressed spirit, reduced income, change in working environment at home and especially psychological crisis, more fear,…In that situation, Dai Linh and Instructor Vu Hanh Hoa – Founder and Professional Director of JoyUni to blow fire and inspire the Dai Linh team through 5 lessons: Live proactively; There’s no such thing as failure – It’s all about testing; Continuous learning and development; Master your emotions.

Although the course is conducted online, the course creates impressive effects and energy sources, forming an increasingly close spiritual connection.

Culture of Learning - Sharing - Training of DaiLinh Group 3

The course “Change your mind – Change your life” helps each employee of Dai Linh bravely step out of your comfort zone

Regular courses on products, sales skills, office informatics,…

This course has a distinct “homegrown” character and is organized by Dai Linh weekly and monthly. Direct lecturers are representatives of different departments: Marketing, Accounting, Admin, HR Administration…..With diverse content, flexible and rich learning methods, the sessions created a vibrant atmosphere for all employees to comfortably share with each other. Especially in product training sessions, it helps the Sales department to deeply understand, understand correctly and confidently convey to customers.

Culture of Learning - Sharing - Training of DaiLinh Group 4

Product training sessions to help Sales department understand deeply, understand correctly and confidently convey to customers

Finally, for an individual, learning is often an independent activity. As for an enterprise, learning is a concept of reciprocity – interdependence, enhanced by an open communication environment, collaborative habits,….to reach the common goal of the whole team. Through the above training and sharing sessions, all staff of Dai Linh have gained multi-dimensional views, creating a positive and creative open-mindedness. The continuous expansion and updating of knowledge helps Dai Linh identify a learning culture that is becoming a strategic tool for sustainable business development. Certainly in the future, the learning culture of Dai Linh Group will be further expanded in both size and quality.

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