8/3 give what to cut the heart of half the world???

International Women’s Day is coming very close, have you guys thought of a great gift to give “that person”? Don’t hesitate to search anymore, let’s open the Top 3 heart gift sets from the famous Skinlovers cosmetic brand with Dai Linh, ensuring that no matter how fastidious ladies are, they have to “melt” because of the sophistication of their products. Friend!

#1. Skinlovers Lifting Heart Set

Aging is the worry of everyone, especially women. Therefore, right from the age of 25, women should use products with anti-aging capabilities rather than just stopping at normal nourishing effects. Skinlovers Lifting will help you make your dreams come true in the simplest and most effective way with just 3 steps, featuring ingredients extracted from nature. such as Mediterranean Olive Oil, Adenosine, Acacia and Aloe Vera combined with Hyaluronic to deeply moisturize and balance pH, leaving skin soft and bright.

+ Skinlovers Lifting cleanser to whiten skin

+ Skinlovers Lifting toner to whiten and firm skin

+ Skinlovers Lifting cream to whiten and tighten skin

8/3 give what to cut the heart of half the world

Skinlovers Lifting Heart Set

Is a set of intensive care products for the skin, always supported by women trusted by women – with the desire to nourish smooth pink and white skin, preserving the beauty of the twenties. This is also the most popular beauty care gift set for women today.

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#2. Skinlovers Perfect Makeup Heart Set

One of the gift sets that will help women have a “genuine” makeup, become really outstanding and attract the eyes of women. people who around me. In particular, it is very suitable for the current trend when women are often not too picky in daily makeup steps. The gift set includes 3 products: makeup primer, pearl powder and Lovemore lipstick. 

+ Skinlovers Blooming Primer Ultra Smooth (Violet)

+ Skinlovers Ultra-Soft Pearl Powder No. 21_14g

+ Skinlovers Lovemore Premium Makeup Lipstick

8/3 give what to cut the heart of half the world 1

Skinlovers Perfect Makeup Heart Set

The highlight of the above makeup products is in natural, safe ingredients skin. With the first step of makeup with primer, Skinlovers wants you to understand that this is an important product, creating a solid “shield”, protecting the skin perfectly. Next, it’s the powder coating. A thin layer of light powder will help makeup last longer, smoother and more natural. Finally, the product that is considered every girl’s “secret” weapon is a powerful red lipstick. With a color palette including 4 red tones, Lovemore lipstick is becoming the most sought-after item today. You can easily choose any lipstick color, no need to worry about whether it suits your skin or not because Lovemore’s red lipstick colors are not picky, on the contrary, they help brighten the skin tone. The lipstick is smooth, matte and doesn’t show any fingerprints. 

And if you only have 5 minutes to “update” a beautiful face, surely every girl needs the perfect makeup heart gift set to help highlight her radiant beauty full of confidence.

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#3. Special Skinlovers Makeup Heart Set

One of the most popular makeup trends for women today is “makeup no makeup”. Maybe, they use a lot of makeup products to create natural makeup, but there are girls, they just need a box of pearl powder and red lipstick. This is also the reason why the Skinlovers special makeup heart set is very popular with women, becoming the perfect duo trusted by millions of women. 

+ Skinlovers Blooming Superfine Pearl Powder No. 22g

+ Skinlovers Lovemore Premium Makeup

8/3 give what to cut the heart of half the world 2

Special Skinlovers Makeup Heart Set

One of the reasons why the gift set is so attractive to women is the powder product. With the characteristics of Asian women’s skin often secreting a lot of oil, large pores, they have a need to use powder products to solve the above situation. And Skinlovers pearl powder is the star product, creating luxury with visible effect. The product is extracted 100% from nature, is the perfect combination of olive oil and super fine pearl powder. The powder particles form a thin film that perfectly covers skin imperfections such as wrinkles, freckles for a smooth, natural-looking makeup. 

Combined with Lovemore lipstick – the famous lipstick line with 4 red tones, it will definitely become a product pair that is always in every girl’s bag.

>>>Buy it here: https://myphamthiennhien.com/bo-trai-tim-trang-diem-dac-biet-skinlovers-p31450087.html

As a girl, everyone likes to be beautiful. So, you can rest assured that choosing a heart gift set from Skinlovers exclusively distributed by Dai Linh will definitely be right to your liking! The gift boxes are carefully selected by Skinlovers, including skin care and makeup gift sets from the most popular products. Hopefully with the above suggestions, men have had a choice of gifts suitable for their “half” style. A few simple items will definitely make you feel extremely touched.

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