Happy Tet – Happiness all year long with Dai Linh Group

For Dai Linh Group, in the bustling atmosphere of the end of the year, when you see the calendar – see the gift set, you see that Tet is coming soon. Every year, Dai Linh will launch a Tet gift set for businesses to choose from to give to partners and customers. So, what magic will this year’s Tet gift set contain?
Tết sung túc - Hạnh phúc cả năm cùng Đài Linh Group
The 2024 Tet gift set is a story summarizing the journey “Happiness from small, true things” that Dai Linh Group has taken over the years. We are pleased to bring 3 meaningful Tet stories: Wish-fulfilling Tet – Wealthy Tet – Filling Tet as a complete and complete message to you.
Tết sung túc - Hạnh phúc cả năm cùng Đài Linh Group 1
Pack a full range of comprehensive body care products, so that each use of the gift set is a worthy experience for you. Soft and smooth skin from natural nutrients from European brands: Eveline, Dr Her, Numee,…! Youth is always radiant and full with the “ageless secret” of Korean Sambijo cosmetics. Or maybe a journey of soft skin care fragrant with delicate floral and fruity scents from Treaclemoon will immerse you in a new magical feeling!
Tết sung túc - Hạnh phúc cả năm cùng Đài Linh Group 2
Dai Linh Group with more than 20 years of professional reputation will enthusiastically advise customers on the most satisfactory gift sets. We will design luxurious and classy gift sets according to each customer’s request. In particular, with flexible sales policies and competitive prices, customers are fully supported with delivery fees, on time and most thoughtfully.
Tết sung túc - Hạnh phúc cả năm cùng Đài Linh Group 3
The moment Tet is coming closer to everyone, let’s create the full joy of Tet 2024 with meaningful gift sets from Dai Linh. Hurry and book now to receive many incentives!
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