Skinlovers premium makeup remover cotton “short ver” officially launched

On the journey to care for the skin of Vietnamese women, Skinlovers is constantly exploring and upgrading products to bring the most convenient and satisfying usage experience. Therefore, the premium Skinlovers makeup remover cotton range of 80 pieces was born.

Brand introduction

For beauty enthusiasts in Vietnam, the cosmetic brand Skinlovers is extremely familiar. This is a quality Korean cosmetics brand whose price is suitable for Vietnamese women.
Cosmetic products of the Skinlovers brand are manufactured using modern, advanced Korean technology. Therefore, all products meet quality standards, bringing peace of mind to users.

Packaging, design

Skinlovers makeup remover cotton pads are designed in a convenient zip bag of 80 pieces to help preserve makeup remover pads better, preventing dirt and bacteria from entering from outside. With outstanding white tones and golden patterns, it creates a luxurious feeling, standing out among a series of other products on the market.
Bông tẩy trang cao cấp Skinlovers “short ver” chính thức ra mắt

Main ingredient

Skinlovers makeup remover cotton is a makeup remover cotton product made from 100% natural cotton, without impurities, does not contain mixed ingredients, so it is extremely soft and smooth, safe for the skin, including acne-prone skin.


Skinlovers makeup remover cotton’s main use is to remove makeup, clean dirt, sebum as well as makeup on the skin quickly. The product has edge markings so it will not separate during use. Cotton has a moderate thickness so it will save makeup remover and skin care solution. Additionally, it can be used as a lotion mask.

How to use Skinlovers makeup remover cotton

Depending on the purpose of use, there will be specific uses:
+ Use to remove makeup: You should apply makeup remover to a cotton pad and gently apply it to your face. Change the cotton continuously until the cotton pad is free of stains.
+ Use to apply mask: Use Skinlovers makeup remover cotton to absorb toner or lotion onto the cotton and apply to areas such as cheeks, chin, forehead. Relax for about 15 – 20 minutes then remove.
Bông tẩy trang cao cấp Skinlovers “short ver” chính thức ra mắt 1

How much does Skinlovers makeup remover cotton cost?

Skinlovers makeup remover pads currently have 2 types: 150 pieces for 42,000VND and 80 pieces for 32,500VND. Depending on your needs, choose accordingly.
With a compact size and easy to put in your bag, this will be a suitable choice for trips. Now we don’t need to put cotton in inconvenient zip bags anymore. So what are you waiting for, add it to your cart today.
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