[VIETNAMNET] Ipek – The journey of trying to become a favorite makeup remover cotton

With the desire to become a makeup remover cotton that many people love, Ipek always strives to constantly innovate and improve, putting 100% cotton quality first to care for soft, smooth and safe skin, even for sensitive skin.

Over many years of development, Ipek has conveyed the story of clean, healthy skin through different messages. At each stage, the message leaves a distinct mark, creating Ipek makeup remover cotton that is loved by millions of customers
Ipek - Hành trình nỗ lực trở thành bông tẩy trang được yêu thích
Ipek constantly innovates and improves to bring the best products to customers

Ipek – “Skin is so clean, face is so pretty”

In the first phase of coming to the Vietnamese market, Ipek makeup remover cotton decided to start with the message: “Ipek – Clean skin, beautiful face”.
In the beauty routine, there is no need for any fancy secrets, just focus on cleaning and nourishing your skin and you will have the healthy skin you desire.
For the cleaning step, we need to carefully choose makeup remover cotton – a product that regularly and directly comes into contact with the facial skin. That’s why Ipek makeup remover cotton has brought comprehensive, gentle skin care products from Türkiye. Made from 100% cotton, the small cotton pad is friendly to all skin types, strongly supporting the daily skin care process. Soft cotton fibers, deeply absorbent, glide smoothly without leaving cotton lint.
Ipek - Hành trình nỗ lực trở thành bông tẩy trang được yêu thích 1
Soft and smooth makeup remover with Ipek cotton

“We always strive to be better every day”

After the initial impression phase, Ipek entered the phase where it was necessary to create trust and love for customers. Ipek’s decision is to constantly improve, care for clean and healthy skin in conjunction with activities to protect the Earth.
Packaging innovation, convenient design: Improved design for user convenience, the design of the top of the Ipek makeup remover cotton stick uses a drawstring at both ends to help hang the cotton more conveniently, the Ipek logo is printed clearly, high solution. In particular, Ipek cotton packaging is printed in Vietnamese to minimize extra stamps and is completely recyclable.
100% cotton quality: Ipek cotton ingredients are 100% natural cotton produced by Ipek Idrofil Pamuk company – an Eastern European company specializing in safe cotton production. From large cotton fields in Türkiye, committed to growing in a natural environment, without using chemicals, Ipek cotton always has softness, firmness and a distinct fresh scent.
Multi-use: The cotton pad is woven into 2 different sides, the cotton fibers are soft and smooth, deeply absorb solution, gently wipe the skin without leaving cotton lint. In addition to removing makeup, Ipek cotton is also suitable for absorbing oil, drying the face, applying lotion,…
Ipek - Hành trình nỗ lực trở thành bông tẩy trang được yêu thích 2
Ipek has achieved many environmental protection certifications
Developed in parallel with activities to protect the Earth: This can be considered a continuous effort of Ipek makeup remover cotton, aiming to take better care of the skin and protect a better life every day: Ecocert certification , factory system meets GMP standards, meets Ecolabel, ISO 9001:2015….
Ipek is proud to join women in conquering healthy, better skin every day to create an inspiring “greening” beauty story, starting with the makeup remover cotton pads you use every day.
Through many years of development, in the current period, Ipek has chosen to improve customer experience, considering customers as the focus.
Ipek has received much love from customers, especially the younger generation, for its quality, ingredients and convenience.
Ipek - Hành trình nỗ lực trở thành bông tẩy trang được yêu thích 3
Ipek has conquered millions of customers’ hearts
Ipek makeup remover cotton has become a favorite brand of makeup remover cotton today, affirming its position in the Vietnamese cosmetics market with huge consumption: millions of cotton plants are consumed each year, distributed in Vietnam. all 63 provinces and cities nationwide.
Ipek - Hành trình nỗ lực trở thành bông tẩy trang được yêu thích 4
Ipek is available at major cosmetic stores and supermarkets
Maintaining the quality of 100% natural cotton, always trying to be better every day to deserve to become the top favorite makeup remover cotton – is the guideline that guides Ipek on the skin care journey of Vietnamese women. 
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