[THANHNIEN] 100% cotton quality helps Ipek touch the ‘Trust – Love’ of millions of customers

Makeup removal is one of three basic skin care activities to keep skin beautiful, along with face washing and sun protection. Although makeup remover cotton is a simple beauty accessory, it is used frequently, so the material of the cotton pad will directly affect your skin.

Understanding that, Ipek constantly innovates in packaging and technology, maintains 100% cotton quality, creates trust, and conquers millions of customers who choose to help clean and care for healthy skin every day.
Chất lượng 100% cotton giúp Ipek chạm đến niềm 'Tin - Yêu' của triệu khách hàng
Ipek makeup remover cotton with 100% natural cotton ingredients ensures safety for the skin

How do customers “Know – Like – Believe – Love” Ipek makeup remover cotton?

According to some research studies, improving customer experience can increase sales conversion rates by 10 – 15% (refer to McKinsey & Company). Customer experience is a process, including thoughts, feelings, activities and actual behaviors of users. When the brand increases information for customers to know, thereby reaching quality – professional service – satisfied customers, a chain of “Like – Believe” will gradually form and eventually users choose the brand. not because of need, but because of unconditional “Love”.
Ipek always strives every day to bring customers the best experiences. From the fact that Ipek complies, maintains and ensures the quality of all products reaching customers is the same: 100% natural cotton, no impurities, firm and safe stamping, soft and smooth makeup remover for all skin types. skin…
Chất lượng 100% cotton giúp Ipek chạm đến niềm 'Tin - Yêu' của triệu khách hàng 1
Ability to clean dirt, sebum, and makeup in an instant
Or innovating more convenient packaging designs to bring a little joy to users. In farming and production activities, Ipek makeup remover cotton upholds its responsibility to protect the environment, achieving Ecocert, Ecolabel, GMP certification… Ipek wishes to create wonderful experiences, stories of making Inspirational “green” beauty starts with the makeup remover cotton pads you use every day.

Ipek is everywhere, users can easily shop

Product coverage in the market is a fundamental factor that determines the development of a brand. The higher the market coverage, the more opportunities the product has to reach potential customers and increase sales.
Chất lượng 100% cotton giúp Ipek chạm đến niềm 'Tin - Yêu' của triệu khách hàng 2
Ipek covers the whole country so you can easily buy products
Grasping the “One-stop distance” advantage, Ipek has planned a development strategy from the beginning: widely distributed, ensuring Ipek makeup remover cotton appears everywhere, from large supermarkets to department stores. small chemicals and cosmetics in small provinces. A strategy that covers the market thoroughly and comprehensively to increase experience and satisfaction for Ipek’s customers.

Ipek makeup remover cotton – Full trust of millions of customers

Ipek’s skin care journey has made her extremely happy to receive the love and acceptance of millions of beauty-loving girls across the country. Each user has a unique experience, a wonderful memory when Ipek makeup remover cotton is cared for and cherished to keep the skin clean and healthy.
One of Ipek’s “followers”, Linh Anh, said: “The makeup remover cotton is soft and smooth, no lint after use, and especially the price is suitable for students. I often buy it at on shopee Ipek Mall, but when you need it urgently, you can find it at the supermarket near your house. In general, I give Ipek a perfect score!”.
Chất lượng 100% cotton giúp Ipek chạm đến niềm 'Tin - Yêu' của triệu khách hàng 3
Ipek makeup remover cotton receives high reviews from users
As for Yen Nhi, she shared: “Thanks to diligently staying in reputable cosmetic review groups, I see people praising Ipek makeup remover cotton, EU origin, no chemical detergents, 100% cotton and soft cotton. The important thing is that there is no cotton lint, and seeing my friends around me all use Ipek, I bought it to try and realized that once I use Ipek cotton, I cannot change to another type.
Continuous improvement and product innovation efforts to bring the best customer experience is the business strategy of Ipek makeup remover cotton. Customers are always attracted by innovative product designs, packaging with Vietnamese subtitles, two cotton tip designs that are convenient for opening and closing… to increase the wonderful experience.
In addition to the journey of pampering the skin, Ipek European makeup remover cotton also always respects the earth and protects the green environment by achieving certifications: Ecocert products originate from nature, Ecolabel certification does not cause pollution. environmental pollution during the production process, GMP standards and ISO 9001:2015 certification… help Ipek develop sustainably, worthy of being the top choice in the hearts of millions of customers.
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