Reaching Emotions – Highend anti-aging product line Sambijo launch event in Hanoi

Skinlovers has long become the lover of Vietnamese women’s skin. Following the global anti-aging trend, the brand has diligently researched and launched the Sambijo high-end product line. Present in Vietnam at the end of 2022, Sambijo has prepared a grand official launch event in the near future.

High-end product line satisfies multiple market requirements

Anti-aging is never something to be taken lightly. Everyone will eventually reach the age of more anxiety when wrinkles gradually appear on the face. Aging is inevitable. So making it happen at the slowest pace is every woman’s goal.

Sambijo offers the most effective solutions for skin health. With the main ingredient from the extremely rare Black Sturgeon Caviar extract combined with many high-quality herbs and active ingredients, Sambijo solves the 3 most important factors for a beautiful skin: Moisturizing – Soothing – Anti-aging, skin rejuvenation. Taking care of the skin, make it become naturally smooth in a short time.

Official launch event in Vietnam – “Reaching emotions”

“Reaching emotions” is an event cherished and dedicated by Sambijo Vietnam in every preparation stage. Not only bringing the most detailed information about the product line, the event also brings the most honest and objective view of the hottest beauty trends today.

Chạm cảm xúc - Sự kiện ra mắt dòng sản phẩm cao cấp chống lão hóa Sambijo tại Hà Nội

The event also has the presence of many famous experts and KOLs in the beauty industry. Surely each guest participating will be satisfied with the beauty knowledge provided, especially about anti-aging skin for women. In addition to the product trial activities and quality self-assessment, high-end Sambijo product line will bring you the most accurate feelings.

Information & Events:

Time: 15 – 17h on December 17, 2022

Location: Dong Trong Palace Hoang Quoc Viet, Cau Giay, Hanoi

The launch of new product lines serving the increasingly rich beauty needs of women has marked the prestige and quality of Skinlovers.

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