Introducing the volunteer project of Peace Shop stall

Peace Shop is a charity activity to raise funds to support women and children to help create livelihoods and enhance economic empowerment for women. Peace Shop will be opened on July 1, 2023. Coming to Peace Shop, Dai Linh Group is proud to bring quality health and beauty care products.

Giới thiệu dự án thiện nguyện gian hàng Bình Yên Peace Shop
Peace Shop fundraising activities to support disadvantaged women and children

Understanding and sympathizing with women and children who are victims of domestic violence, abuse and trafficked back; For disadvantaged people in the community, the Peace Shop fundraising charity booth was born to support activities to create livelihoods and enhance economic empowerment for women.

In addition, Peace Shop is also a place to support and introduce products made by Vietnamese women. Not only are the products diverse in design, they also contain stories about women’s life, striving to rise with talent, intelligence and creativity to develop the economy and contribute to society.

To connect domestic and foreign businesses owned by women for the purpose of connecting trade, increasing support activities, learning, training, displaying and introducing products at the store. All activities of the shop are non-profit activities, aiming to raise funds to support Peaceful House and help disadvantaged and disadvantaged women and children.

With the mission of Elevating the beauty of Vietnamese women, Dai Linh Group always wants to bring you the best quality beauty products. Coming to the Peace Shop booth, Dai Linh Group brings products to help customers care for and improve their quality of life such as super soft Ipek makeup remover cotton, Skinlovers premium makeup remover cotton, Pierrot mouth spray, Pierrot tongue cleaner, Bobini baby shower gel,…

Giới thiệu dự án thiện nguyện gian hàng Bình Yên Peace Shop 1Many meaningful products are sold at Peace Shop such as Pierrot mouth spray – Dai Linh Group

Peace Shop will open on July 1, 2023 at 20 Thuy Khue, Tay Ho District, Hanoi, looking forward to receiving your attention and participation.

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