[CAFEBIZ] Dai Linh Group celebrates 20th anniversary with “Colors of Dai Linh” Event

Dai Linh Group is rushing for our 20th birthday event in the coastal city of Da Nang with the message “Colors of Dai Linh”. The event is to show gratitude to all employees, customers, and partners on the occasion of Dai Linh Group’s 20 years in operation.

Đài Linh Group kỷ niệm tuổi 20 với sự kiện Hương Sắc Đài Linh 4

Dai Linh Group 20 years ago

Dai Linh Import-Export and Trading Joint Stock Company mainly operates in the field of importing and distributing cosmetic and beauty products from Europe. Starting in the 2000s, from the very first day of establishment, Dai Linh has clearly outlined its value in prioritizing the 3 main factors: people, quality, and customer service.

With the people factor, staff development is the most important key. Dai Linh focuses on improving the quality of life for their employees by constantly creating conditions for learning, creativity, and working. Currently, Dai Linh Group has more than 300 employees at 3 main branches in Hanoi – Da Nang – Ho Chi Minh City, and provinces across the country.

[CAFEBIZ] Đài Linh Group kỷ niệm tuổi 20 với sự kiện Hương Sắc Đài Linh

Over the past 20 years, Dai Linh Group has tried its best to become the leading prestigious importer and distributor of high-end cosmetics in Vietnam. Currently, Dai Linh has become the distribution representative of more than 20 quality cosmetic and beauty brands from many countries in the world such as Ipek Cleansing Cotton – No.1 makeup removal cotton in Vietnam, Eveline high-end cosmetics (Poland), Pierrot – Oral care brand from Spain, Numee – vegan cosmetics from Spain… and many other world-famous cosmetic brands.

With a nationwide distribution system, the products distributed by Dai Linh are highly appreciated, trusted, and loved by customers.To improve every day, Dai Linh is gradually putting its name on the mind of many customers. Dai Linh has been invested in marketing activities, covering product selling points on both offline and online platforms.

The products distributed by Dai Linh are being sold on many traditional sales systems such as Hypermarkets, cosmetic chain systems, drugstore systems, mother and baby stores,…. Dai Linh Group also has many activities on online sales channels and e-commerce platforms to update online shopping trends of the new era.

[CAFEBIZ] Đài Linh Group kỷ niệm tuổi 20 với sự kiện Hương Sắc Đài Linh 1

Understanding the current digital trends, Dai Linh Group has adopted the ERP enterprise resource management system to advance professionally for all departments. On the upcoming journey, Dai Linh Group will pay special attention to customer care. Dai Linh identifies the customer as the center, so all activities and processes help optimize the customer experience on every touchpoint from Marketing, consulting, sales, transportation, post-purchase, gratitude… Dai Linh Group always continues developing so that businesses – sales partners – consumers all receive the best products, services, and values.

Along with brand development, Dai Linh also joins hands with CSR activities for the environment and society. Dai Linh always focuses on environmental activities such as choosing to import and distribute products of natural origin like Ipek, Eveline, Numee, Pierrot… Community activities are organized regularly by Dai Linh that target women and children with difficult circumstances such as: Saying no to plastic bags, building houses of compassion, give gifts at the Children’s Hospital. Up to now, volunteering is corporate culture and has always been maintained by Dai Linh.

[CAFEBIZ] Đài Linh Group kỷ niệm tuổi 20 với sự kiện Hương Sắc Đài Linh 2

Upcoming event “Colors of Dai Linh”

To celebrate this important milestone, in 2022 – the year Dai Linh turns 20 years old, Dai Linh will hold a big event in the coastal city of Da Nang with many meaningful contents. The event night will recount the 20-year journey of Dai Linh Group “Ehance Vietnamese beauty” through the art of sand. Let’s watch outstanding reportage videos about Dai Linh and brands: Ipek, Eveline, Numee, Corine de Farme… and listen to the beautiful music pieces from singer Van Mai Huong, Ali Hoang Duong.

[CAFEBIZ] Đài Linh Group kỷ niệm tuổi 20 với sự kiện Hương Sắc Đài Linh 3

This is an opportunity for members of Dai Linh Group, loyal customers, distributors, and brand partners from abroad to share the same vision towards the future with Dai Linh. The event “Colors of Dai Linh” will be held this coming July, in Da Nang city.

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