Founded in 2002, Dai Linh Import-Export Trading Joint Stock Company (DAILINH GROUP) did affirm our position as the leading company in importing and distributing cosmetics. With our extensive experience, we strongly commit to supply these reputable and professional  products and services in order to contribute to honor the Vietnamese beauty. To have the prosperous appearance of today, Dai Linh has always determined that product quality is the key of the business, sustainable development is the only way to survive. Therefore, when choosing distribution brands, Dai Linh always upholds product quality and safety, and suits the tastes of the majority of consumers at the most competitive prices.

Currently, DaiLinh Group is proud to be an importer and distributor of cosmetics trusted by domestic and foreign partners and customers. The company is the exclusive distribution representative of nearly 20 prestigious and quality cosmetic and cosmetic brands according to international standards in Vietnam such as: Eveline – Poland, Skinlovers – Korea, Dr HER – France, Pierrot – Spain, AquaVera – Turkey, Treaclemoon – UK…With a nationwide distribution system, the cosmetic brands distributed by Dai Linh are becoming more and more familiar and loved by Vietnamese consumers.

Unsatisfied with the successes achieved, the dynamic and creative team of Dai Linh employees are still making efforts to dedicate themselves to fulfilling the mission of bringing Vietnamese consumers more and more products. quality and safe beauty products according to international standards, creating opportunities for Vietnamese consumers to use and experience more with popular beauty trends in the world. Nowadays, the trade flow of Dai Linh is still constantly expanding and opening not only domestically but also reaching out to the region.

In addition to business activities, Dai Linh has always actively enhanced its responsibility to society, the community and the environment through annual CSR activities, targeting disadvantaged people who need help in society, business development associated with human benefits and living environment. Along with that, focus on promoting the building of a friendly and united corporate culture, creating many opportunities for members to integrate and develop to their full potential.

At Dai Linh, the human factor is always the focus, making Dai Linh grow strongly and permanently to become a leading enterprise in the field of providing beauty products and contribute more value to the community and society.