[VNEXPRESS] Ipek and Eveline – A deep cleansing, moisturizing makeup remover duo

Ipek cotton and Eveline B5 makeup remover support deep cleansing and moisturizing, suitable for all skin types, including sensitive.

The manufacturer’s representative said that the duo of Ipek makeup remover cotton and Eveline makeup remover meet strict standards for care and environmental protection, meeting the prevailing demand for sustainable beauty.
Specifically, Ipek makeup remover cotton is produced by Ipek Idrofil Pamuk – a company with more than 40 years of experience in the Turkish cotton industry, always putting quality first. The unit uses 100% natural cotton, creating soft, smooth cotton pads that do not irritate or harm the skin.
From large cotton fields, Ipek grows and cares for them using organic methods. After harvest, the unit applies the latest weaving technology, sturdy edge stamping and two different cotton sides to help make the most of the product’s functionality. Fine cotton fibers deeply absorb the solution, gently wiping away sensitive skin without leaving cotton lint on the face.
The manufacturer’s representative said he always emphasizes user experience and considers them the center. Therefore, the company advocates convenient packaging with many quantities: 80, 130 and 150 pieces. The company also launched a series of combos including 3, 5 or 10 sticks, meeting the need to remove makeup every day.
Ipek và Eveline - bộ đôi tẩy trang sạch sâu, dưỡng ẩm
The product is manufactured by Ipek Idrofil Pamuk
Eveline Hyaluron Clinic B5 makeup remover contains a research formula from Poland, extracted from the best ingredients for sensitive skin including:
+ Active micelle: a surfactant with two ends, one is hydrophilic to dissolve dirt and the other is oil-loving to repel water-resistant make-up layers, thereby gently cleansing the skin.
+ Hyaluronic acid complex: provides moisture, reduces wrinkles, aiming for a firm, youthful look.
+ Pro-Vitamin B5: anti-inflammatory, soothing, naturally regenerating and moisturizing.
+ Centella Asiatica (gotu kola): treats acne, prevents dark spots, moisturizes, prevents skin aging. This active ingredient is suitable for acne-prone, sensitive or irritated skin thanks to its ability to soothe redness, anti-inflammation and is benign.
Ipek và Eveline - bộ đôi tẩy trang sạch sâu, dưỡng ẩm 1
Eveline Hyaluron Clinic B5 makeup remover moisturizes the skin
According to the head of Ipek, currently women, especially Gen Z, promote clean, vegan cosmetics and support sustainable beauty. According to a Circana report, more than 65% of consumers look for benign, clean ingredients to protect skin health.
Ipek and Eveline are taking advantage of this trend by producing ‘green’ and always respecting the living environment. We hope that our journey of respecting the earth will always go hand in hand with our mission of caring for clean, healthy skin.“, the representative said.
The unit also advocates improving quality and simplifying packaging by printing in Vietnamese and making it recyclable. The product is certified with Ecocert (natural ingredients), Ecolabel (does not pollute the environment during production); ISO 9001:2015. The Ipek factory also meets GMP standards.
Ipek và Eveline - bộ đôi tẩy trang sạch sâu, dưỡng ẩm 2
Ipek and Eveline – a deep cleansing makeup duo from Eastern Europe – are present in Vietnam
Eveline is one of the brands representing European natural cosmetics. The GMP system is always at a good level, including: ensuring all stages of production, control, storage and transportation according to safe and friendly standards.
Eveline also creates a line of vegan products, not tested on animals, and certified non-toxic by the Cosmetic Association,” the business representative added.
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Website: ipek.vn + eveline.vn
Hotline: 1900 1263
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