[KENH14] Pierrot Toothpaste – The journey of “Comprehensive beautiful teeth” accompanied by millions of Vietnamese children

Taking place from December 1 to December 31, the journey “Comprehensive beautiful teeth” from the brand of children’s toothpaste Pierrot Spain organized many meaningful activities and gained positive feedback.

Experts said that dental diseases are quite common, causing many levels of consequences for both oral health and general health, of which dental caries is classified as the third disaster by the World Health Organization. of the human race after cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Kem đánh răng Pierrot - Hành trình “Răng xinh toàn diện” đi cùng hàng triệu trẻ em Việt Nam

According to a study from the National Hospital of Odonto-Stomatology on permanent tooth decay in Vietnamese children in 2019 (published in the Vietnam Medical Journal, 502), permanent tooth decay appeared early and increased rapidly. by age. The rate of tooth decay was highest in the 12-15 age group (43.7%) and on average, each child had one or two decayed teeth that were not welded, the rate of teeth being treated was very low. These results show that it is necessary to further promote oral health care measures for children of all ages.

Dental diseases not only affect the aesthetics and psychology of children but also directly affect digestive, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, Pierrot – a children’s toothpaste brand from Spain has organized a comprehensive Pretty Teeth campaign to encourage children and parents to pay more attention to their oral health, especially from the very beginning. the early stages of life, creating a premise for children to have beautiful and healthy teeth when they grow up.

Kem đánh răng Pierrot - Hành trình “Răng xinh toàn diện” đi cùng hàng triệu trẻ em Việt Nam 1

Children are the group most at risk of tooth decay and tooth decay because in the early stages of life, children are not aware of the importance of proper brushing, along with the subjective psychology of parents, often Skip helping your child brush their teeth every night. As a result, according to the National Hospital of Odonto-Stomatology, 85% of Vietnamese children aged 6-8 years have caries in their milk teeth.

“The rate of Vietnamese children 6-8 years old with caries is very high, on average each child has more than 6 cavities. Although baby teeth will fall out after the first 5 years of life, the above rate still causes many parents concern because Tooth decay not only affects daily life, but also affects the digestive system, the ability to absorb nutrients and the future of the permanent teeth as an adult,” said Pierrot’s representative.

Kem đánh răng Pierrot - Hành trình “Răng xinh toàn diện” đi cùng hàng triệu trẻ em Việt Nam 2

For young children brushing their teeth is a “torture”, because it is both boring and takes up play time. Parents are not better, when they have to “struggle”, push their children to brush their teeth at least twice a day. Understanding the importance as well as difficulties when maintaining a brushing habit for children, the campaign “Beautiful teeth” from the Spanish toothpaste brand Pierrot has gradually raised awareness about dental care. mouth for children from an early age.

Within a month, the campaign has implemented meaningful activities, gaining positive feedback. Pierrot’s team of experts has given suggestions to help parents create a space for children to be more interested in brushing their teeth every day. In addition, answer questions about oral health care in children.

Kem đánh răng Pierrot - Hành trình “Răng xinh toàn diện” đi cùng hàng triệu trẻ em Việt Nam 3

For a future of strong teeth, drawing a beautiful smile, Pierrot also launched a photo contest: “Comprehensive beautiful teeth – Let’s conquer the shining journey” for children from 2 to 8 years old. The contest is an opportunity for the brand to accompany parents to help their children create oral care habits (full morning and evening) and teach them to brush their teeth properly. Thanks to scientific sharing from experts and creative and interesting organization, the campaign has received a response from parents.

Kem đánh răng Pierrot - Hành trình “Răng xinh toàn diện” đi cùng hàng triệu trẻ em Việt Nam 4

Kem đánh răng Pierrot - Hành trình “Răng xinh toàn diện” đi cùng hàng triệu trẻ em Việt Nam 5

Kem đánh răng Pierrot - Hành trình “Răng xinh toàn diện” đi cùng hàng triệu trẻ em Việt Nam 6

According to experts, one of the reasons why children do not like to brush their teeth is because the toothpaste is spicy, not fragrant, and does not create a sense of excitement when used. Therefore, experts encourage parents to choose products that are benign, fragrant, and gentle with baby’s gums. Besides, let your baby actively choose their favorite toothbrush and dental care kit, helping them to be more comfortable and active in cleaning their teeth.

With nearly 100 years of experience in manufacturing oral care products, Pierrot – Spain’s leading brand – understands children’s oral problems and completely overcomes limitations. The brand has always been creative, constantly researching and developing to produce a line of children’s toothpastes with safe, benign ingredients, fruit flavors, and friendly with children’s weak teeth and gums.

Kem đánh răng Pierrot - Hành trình “Răng xinh toàn diện” đi cùng hàng triệu trẻ em Việt Nam 7

Outstanding products include Pierrot Piwy children’s toothpaste with strawberry flavor and organic children’s toothpaste with apple flavor. The product duo has received the trust and love of millions of Vietnamese families because of its 3 ingredients: no sugar, no parabens, no foaming agents. Besides, the product contains organic calcium to help prevent plaque formation, suitable calcium supplement to protect tooth enamel. In particular, Pierrot Piwy children’s toothpaste with strawberry flavor also has Fluoride content that meets the standards of effective anti-cavity, giving children strong teeth.

An Thanh (Dong Thap) said: “A toothache makes children not eat well, anorexia, fussiness, even lack of nutrition and growth retardation. Therefore, choosing a comprehensive oral care product for your child is important. I have chosen Pierrot for my child since childhood and after a period of use, I feel that my child has beautiful white teeth and no signs of dental disease so I feel very good. happy. Thank you, Pierrot.

Kem đánh răng Pierrot - Hành trình “Răng xinh toàn diện” đi cùng hàng triệu trẻ em Việt Nam 8

Speaking about the expectation of maintaining a child’s beautiful smile, Pierrot Brand Representative – Ms. Nguyen Hoai Huong, CEO of Dai Linh Group shared:

From the fact that our country does not have a specialized brand in dental care for children, Dai Linh Group has pondered about this issue, thereby researching and researching a brand, a suitable product. Suitable for children’s weak teeth.

We want to find the best products for Vietnamese children, that’s why we bring the dream to the world and I am extremely impressed with the Pierrot brand from Spain.

Firstly, this is a long-standing brand since 1945, global products are selling well in more than 55 countries around the world.

Second, directly Spanish experts are always creative and constantly researching and researching exclusive recipes, complying with strict quality standards from Europe to bring high quality products. best for consumers.

Third, Pierrot’s product range meets all the needs of everyone, from children to adults, and specialized products such as people with sensitive teeth, people with braces,… Especially, stand out develop products according to the world’s trends: mouthwash, mouth spray, tongue cleaner, dental floss,…

From those bases, for Dai Linh Group and Pierrot, I determined that the outstanding products that need to be knocked out in the market are products for children. Good child care is a solid foundation for the future of society, so Pierrot wants to bring a message that motivates parents to take action for their children right from the simplest activity – brushing their teeth every day.

Pierrot launched the contest on Fanpage Afamily with the message “Comprehensively beautiful teeth – Let your children conquer shine” to contribute a small support, as well as the kite cannot fly high without the wind. We just hope it will be a little wind to “awaken” parents who are interested in the process of taking care of children’s teeth today.

I have read and am really impressed about this contest. Lots of funny pictures of babies with Pierrot children’s toothpaste, stories that are close but extremely inspirational. Hundreds of practical examples have spread to me, to Pierrot so that we can commit in the future to coordinate with dentists, doctors, experts, … to propagate more strongly about this topic. Dental care for children with specialized products, suitable for each age.

I hope and cherish the dream that the things Pierrot has been doing will awaken the action of taking care of your baby’s teeth from a young age, creating a love for him to take care of his teeth. And at the same time, creating the companionship of parents and children to form oral care habits is spread throughout Vietnam.

Kem đánh răng Pierrot - Hành trình “Răng xinh toàn diện” đi cùng hàng triệu trẻ em Việt Nam 9

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