[KENH14] Children don’t care about choosing toothpaste? This is the truth

As it turns out, choosing the right toothpaste for your kid is not an easy task! Choosing the right product will make your teeth strong, while choosing the wrong one will affect the premise of your kid’s permanent teeth development.

Parents, let’s learn the scientific way to help protect and strengthen your child’s teeth for a beautiful bright smile!

Children do not care about brushing teeth – Is this old concept “outdated”?

Our forefathers have a saying “Our teeth and hair show an aspect of who we are”, not only do our teeth help with our external beauty but also to reveal our personality. Adults focus on teeth and hair, but sometimes overlook this issue with children. That’s why, according to recent statistics from the National Institute of Odonto-Stomatology: 80% of children ages 4-8 have tooth decay, and 91% of children do not take care of their teeth properly.

[KENH14] Trẻ con thì chẳng quan trọng chuyện chọn kem đánh răng? Sự thật là thế này!

Faced with such a situation, what will we – as parents – do to protect the children’s smile? From changing thoughts to changing behaviors is a process, we can’t expect immediate results. For children’s dental care, parents must be the pioneers in the “comprehensive dental protection campaign” for children. Choose effective dental care for your children, starting with choosing the right, specialized toothpaste.

4 harms when children do not take care of their teeth properly

If you do not change the concept of choosing the right toothpaste for your child, forming a daily oral care routine, children will face the following 4 problems:

Tooth decay

Tooth decay is a common disease that Vietnamese children are experiencing. In the first stage, cavities are milky white spots appear, then black holes that cause pain, the disease will be more dangerous if it goes deep into the pulp.

[KENH14] Trẻ con thì chẳng quan trọng chuyện chọn kem đánh răng? Sự thật là thế này! 1


When children have tooth decay, they will also experience bad breath. This will make the child self-deprecating, limiting communication.

Difficulty eating

The toothache due to decay or deep caries will make it difficult for children to eat and drink, leading to a lack of substances, disrupting daily activities, affecting the development of the body.

Adverse effects on the process of permanent teeth eruption

A strong permanent tooth must be “built” from a solid base of baby teeth. If the tooth decay is not treated in time, children have to pull out the tooth early, the jaw inflammation causing deviation will adversely affect the permanent teething process.

Choose the right Pierrot toothpaste, your children’s teeth will shine

In addition to forming a daily dental care routine, each child needs a “powerful weapon” to defeat bacteria – that is, choosing the right toothpaste at the right age. Pierrot Piwy Children’s Toothpaste Strawberry Flavor is a worthy choice for your reference.

[KENH14] Trẻ con thì chẳng quan trọng chuyện chọn kem đánh răng? Sự thật là thế này! 2

With advanced production technology, tested by experts from Spain, no sugar, no parabens, no SLS (foaming chemical), the product is the perfect solution Pierrot offers to pamper and take care of the first teeth of every Vietnamese child.

Pierrot Piwy Children’s Toothpaste pioneers the natural ingredients trend in children’s oral care with organic calcium – an expensive ingredient that helps prevent plaque formation, suitable calcium supplements to protect enamel. At the same time, the standard fluoride content helps to effectively prevent tooth decay for children and form strong teeth.

[KENH14] Trẻ con thì chẳng quan trọng chuyện chọn kem đánh răng? Sự thật là thế này! 3

Using Pierrot Piwy children’s toothpaste with a refreshing strawberry flavor, every child over 2 years old is protected every day, and can confidently shine with a bright smile!

Pierrot brings the message “Perfect teeth – Let your children conquer with a glow”, and becomes a companion in the journey to protect healthy teeth for millions of Vietnamese children. To achieve that, Pierrot wishes to receive the unanimity of millions of Vietnamese families across the country, so that we can build a new standard in oral care. Focusing on nurturing from the inside, in the most professional way, so that each child is always confident with a healthy and beautiful smile.

Pierrot is a Spanish brand specializing in producing high quality oral care products for the whole family since 1945. Today, Pierrot is a global brand present in more than 55 countries worldwide.

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