[DANTRI] The reason why Ipek makeup remover cotton is loved by Vietnamese women

Ipek is a makeup remover cotton brand from Türkiye, a product loved and chosen by Vietnamese consumers because of its quality and ingredients from natural cotton.

On the care journey, Ipek accompanies the principle of nurturing the skin and appreciating the environment from small, practical things.
Lý do bông tẩy trang Ipek được phụ nữ Việt yêu thích
Ipek – Makeup remover cotton from Türkiye

Ipek – A long-standing brand in Türkiye

Ipek Idrofil Pamuk – a cotton production company established in 1972. Originating from soft cotton bolls in cotton fields stretching across Europe, Ipek was born with the mission “Caring for people, cherishing the earth and bringing small, practical things” that have touched the hearts of customers and distribution units.
In Vietnam, Dai Linh Trading Import-Export Joint Stock Company has brought brands to Vietnamese women for more than a decade.
Lý do bông tẩy trang Ipek được phụ nữ Việt yêu thích 1
Ipek sources production materials from cotton fields spread across the world

Ipek – brand with many international awards and certifications

More than a care product, Ipek values ​​customers, strives to be better every day, receives certification for clean, environmentally safe standards, and meets consumer needs and tastes.
Lý do bông tẩy trang Ipek được phụ nữ Việt yêu thích 2
Ipek is certified for clean, green standards
Ipek’s green and clean standard certifications are received such as: Ecocert certifies the origin of natural products without preservatives, strictly evaluated by the European market. Ipek factory meets GMP standards; Ecolabel, ISO 9001:2015 ecological label certification.
In addition to the certification of actions for a green earth, Ipek’s quality is also proven by awards such as: ITHiB platinum title for many consecutive years awarded by the Turkish Textile and Garment Export Association, platinum award “Stars of Export” for outstanding achievements in export…
In Vietnam, Ipek makeup remover cotton contributes to protecting the environment with small but practical actions such as products containing 100% cotton, self-decomposition, optimal Vietnamese printed packaging that does not generate waste, Cartons are made from cotton stalks, bags are used to say no to Plastic.
We want to spread the message of green living to our partners and millions of users… Choosing to use Ipek for skin care means you have contributed a small part to making the earth green, clean, and beautiful” brand representative share.

Ipek – Convenient care for you and your family

Makeup remover cotton is an essential accessory in the skin care cycle but is a frequently used product, so Ipek was born with the thought of constantly improving to bring clean, healthy, and safe skin care products. and convenient with advantages:
– Ingredients are 100% natural, safe cotton.
– Advanced production technology, the cotton pad is woven into 2 different sides, the edges are firmly stamped to help take full advantage of the product’s functionality.
– Cotton fibers are soft, smooth and absorbent. Makeup remover, facial mask, beauty treatment, gently wipes sensitive skin areas without leaving cotton lint, without causing damage.
Lý do bông tẩy trang Ipek được phụ nữ Việt yêu thích 3
Convenient makeup remover cotton, suitable for many needs
Ipek makeup remover cotton pads are conveniently packaged in many different formats: 80 pieces, 130 pieces, 150 pieces. In particular, you will save more when buying combos of 3 packs, 5 packs and 10 packs to enjoy makeup removal every day.
Product information:
Website: ipek.vn
Hotline: 1900 1263
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