Dai Linh Group officially distributes Corine de Farme France shower gel and bath salts

French women have always held one of the best beauty secrets millions of women from other countries can learn. Understanding this, Dai Linh Group has decided to distribute Corine de Farme, a trending French brand specialized in shower gel and bath salt, and bring this beauty secret of achieving smooth, radiant white skin to Vietnamese women.

Corine de Farme – A brand from beautiful France

Referring to the beautiful France, surely not only are many peoplefascinated by the beautiful scenery and architecture but also by the gracious, elegant and charming women. One of the secrets to achieving that glow is smooth and radiant skin. Corine de Farme started from there, a way for French women to shine and so will you!

Each product of Corine de Farme is a dedicated combination of flower essences and natural ingredients followed a safe formula, with more than 95% natural ingredients. All products are certified by Ecocert, and are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin.

Corine de Farme is now available in more than 60 countries, chosen by millions of women around the world with the desire to reveal their natural beauty.

Đài Linh Group chính thức phân phối sữa tắm, muối tắm Corine de Farme Pháp

Corine de Farme shower gel for smoothe clear skin

Corine de Farme shower gel is a new line of shower gel products manufactured by the most modern technological lines in France. Safe product formulated to pharmaceutical standards, dermatologically tested on normal and sensitive skin with 95% natural origined ingredients. The shower gel creates a creamy foam, enhances the ability to deep clean the body, and does not cause dryness afterwards. In particular, the shower gel helps balance the skin’s pH, keeps moisture on the skin surface and nourishes the skin to be clear and smooth from inside out.

The product has a sweet scent from nature that brings a feeling of relaxation and refreshment. Corine de Farme offers many scents for you to choose from:

+ Corine de Farme shower gel with Aloe Vera essence 750ML

+ Corine de Farme shower gel with coconut extract 750ML

+ Corine de Farme body lotion with Tahitian Monoi essence 750ML

+ Corine de Farme shower gel with vanilla extract 750ML

Corine de Farme bath salts, the secret to skin relaxation

Corine de Farme Bath Salt is a body care product that helps bring relaxation and comfort to your senses as well as your skin. Bath salts also help remove dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, leaving you with smooth, clear skin.

A 1.3kg jar of bath salt, for you to enjoy bathing or exfoliating yet extremely affordable. Bath salts will help you immerse yourself in the beautiful aromas such as:

+ Corine de Farme Bath Salt – Vanilla 1.3Kg

+ Corine de Farme Bath Salt – Rose 1.3Kg

+ Corine de Farme Bath Salt – Lavender 1.3Kg

Are you ready to discover and experience the skin care products with Corine de Farme natural nutrients? Choose your magic and refresh your skin now.

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