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End of the year is the time for many major holidays: Vietnamese Women’s Day October 20th, Vietnamese Teachers’ Day November 20th, Christmas… even New Year’s gratitude days: Tet Holiday, Valentine’s Day February 14, International Women’s Day March 8th, etc. Surely everyone is already thinking about choosing the most meaningful gift for their precious woman. To provide you with some suggestions for the upcoming memorable days, DaiLinh Group has launched different quality specialized body care gift sets.

Bộ quà chăm sóc cơ thể dành tặng cho phái đẹp

Trao quà tặng – Đón yêu thương

#1. Treaclemoon Tropical Flavors Gift Set

Treaclemoon is a body care brand from the UK that uses 100% natural ingredients, aiming to create beauty from inner health. The brand’s two product lines of shower gel and body scrub always bring new experiences to customers. Ready for the holidays this year, the sweet coconut shower gel and body scrub from Treaclemoon are combined in one gift set, giving the best care to your woman.

Bộ quà chăm sóc cơ thể dành tặng cho phái đẹp 1

Treaclemoon shower gel with coconut oil: Provides gentle, soft foaming ability to easily clean dirt and sweat on the skin. The main ingredient is coconut oil contains natural skin lightening properties. It also moisturizes the skin, does not cause dryness after bathing.

Body scrub Treaclemoon coconut oil: Main ingredients from coconut oil and Jojoba wax contains many tiny sand-like massage beads, quickly removing dead cells, cleaning and unclogging pores. Exfoliating 2-3 times a week is an effective way to keep the skin bright and smooth.

#2. AquaVera Lavender and Phalaenopsis Gift Set

AquaVera’s seductive floral-scented shower gel product line is always the favorite choice for ladies’ bathrooms. With the floral combination of phalaenopsis and lavender, the skin will be marinated in a passionate aroma, attracting people with a soft touch.

Bộ quà chăm sóc cơ thể dành tặng cho phái đẹp 2

AquaVera Phalaenopsis Shower Gel: Nurtures the skin with the ability to effectively clean, sweep all dirt and sebum on the skin without causing a greasy, uncomfortable feeling. In addition, the shower gel helps to balance the pH and nourish the skin to be silky. The natural fragrance from Phalaenopsis orchid extract is a luxurious highlight, bringing a feeling of refreshment and relaxation.

AquaVera Lavender Shower Gel: Like other products in the same line, the shower gel makes a strong impression with its high cleaning efficiency while still retaining the necessary moisture, leaving the skin soft, smooth, and healthy. Lavender extract rich in nutrients and vitamins is the secret to nourishing youthful skin. Not only that, the passionate lavender scent will transform the bathroom into a luxurious spa, helping you immerse yourself in relaxation after a long tiring day.

#3. AquaVera poppy and sea flower gift set

AquaVera’s small 315ml shower gel has received a lot of positive feedback in Vietnam and so far has not shown any signs of cooling down. The combination of the unique fragrance duo of sea flowers and poppy flowers promises to create a very meaningful gift set.

Bộ quà chăm sóc cơ thể dành tặng cho phái đẹp 3
Bộ quà Hương hoa biển và hoa poppy

AquaVera Sea Flower Shower Gel: Gently cleanses without stripping the skin of essential moisture. Sea flower extract is rich in nutrients and enhances moisture, while keeping the skin soft and youthful. The delicate, gentle scent of sea flowers conquers even the most fastidious people.

AquaVera poppy flower Shower Gel: Combines cleansing and moisturizing for smooth skin. The sweet, fragrant poppy flower extract will entice the senses, creating a pleasant relaxing moment at the end of the day.

Daily body care is something that every woman needs. With Dai Linh’s unique gift sets, you can send the most meaningful wishes to the upcoming year-end festivals.

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