[AFAMILY] Spanish expert advises on how to choose the right children’s toothpaste

According to dental experts from Spain, choosing the right toothpaste for your baby is extremely important. Because the tooth structure of the child’s gums is still weak, it is necessary to have a product with safe and suitable ingredients and especially it is not possible for the child to share toothpaste with their parents.

Accordingly, children’s toothpaste from Pierrot – an oral care brand manufactured from Spanish technology, meeting European standards is the first choice for children to take care of their teeth in the market. current school.

Professional dental care solutions for children

In fact, the current method of taking care of children’s teeth is still inadequate. Most parents have not had the right research on dental care for their children: they have not formed the habit of brushing their teeth every day, choosing toothpaste for children is not suitable, randomly choosing products. of any brand….

[AFAMILY] Chuyên gia Tây Ban Nha tư vấn cách chọn kem đánh răng trẻ em đúng chuẩnResearch and Development Specialist in children’s oral care products María Gómez – Spain. (Source: Character provided)

María Gómez, an expert on children’s oral care products from Spain, said that “children need to have a special toothpaste suitable for each age”. Proposing the philosophy of oral care as long-term health care, the Pierrot brand is committed to making every day effort to research and develop comprehensive oral care solutions for each audience. Truly understanding customers, Pierrot experts are not only dedicated to addressing specific oral hygiene needs, but are also focused on finding solutions that promote oral care habits of each age group.

Especially for children, the Pierrot brand has brought a wide range of products such as toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, interdental floss… with European quality, vivid and convenient design to help all babies can get used to and love oral hygiene.

Review of baby toothpaste solution from Pierrot Spain

The Spanish standard dental care method of Pierrot brand has been researched by Dai Linh Group and brought to Vietnamese children. Among them, the outstanding product is Pierrot Piwy children’s toothpaste with strawberry flavor, which became famous in the market and received many positive feedbacks.

[AFAMILY] Chuyên gia Tây Ban Nha tư vấn cách chọn kem đánh răng trẻ em đúng chuẩn 1
Piwy Pierrot Children’s Toothpaste from Spain. (Source: Character provided)

Firstly, the production technology meets Spanish standards. We all know that products that meet European standards are always very strict and to be put on the market, it is necessary to ensure full regulations on safety and effectiveness. Piwy Pierrot toothpaste products use advanced production technology, tested and certified by experts from Spain, the product is reliable and safe for babies to use.

Second, the ingredients in children’s toothpaste ensure the highest safety and effectiveness. The product contains organic calcium which is a “golden” ingredient that prevents plaque formation, suitable calcium supplements to protect tooth enamel. At the same time, the fluoride content meets the standards suitable for children from 2 years old to effectively prevent tooth decay.

Third, Pierrot Piwy children’s toothpaste with strawberry flavor says no to ingredients: sugar, parabens, and foaming agents, so it’s absolutely safe and friendly to your baby’s fragile teeth and gums.

[AFAMILY] Chuyên gia Tây Ban Nha tư vấn cách chọn kem đánh răng trẻ em đúng chuẩn 2
Children’s toothpaste has a sweet strawberry flavor but does not contain sugar, so it is safe and does not cause tooth decay. (Source: Pierrot.vn)

Fourth, children’s toothpaste has a fresh, refreshing, non-spicy strawberry scent for babies to love when taking care of their teeth. This is a scoring factor, creating a difference of products on the current children’s toothpaste market.

Finally, Piwy Pierrot toothpaste is specifically intended for children 2 years of age and older. This is the golden age for children to start learning and practicing daily brushing and oral care habits from a young age.

In order to form a habit of taking care of children’s teeth every day, the most important thing is from parents to have the right awareness of the right dental care solution, the right specialized products for children. Choose Piwy Pierrot Children’s Toothpaste as a companion for children on their journey to protect their teeth and shine with confidence.

Pierrot brand – Dental care specialist from Spain is distributed in Vietnam by Dai Linh Trading Import Export Joint Stock Company – Representative Office: 27 Tran Duy Hung, Cau Giay, Hanoi.

Pierrot is a Spanish brand specializing in producing high quality oral care products for the whole family since 1945. Today, Pierrot is a global brand present in more than 55 countries worldwide.

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