[AFAMILY] Ipek cotton makeup remover and sustainable beauty trends

Recently, “sustainable beauty” trend is becoming more and more popular among women. Women are increasingly prioritize products of natural origin, environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging. Understanding this trend, Ipek Vietnam is constantly adapting, making efforts to produce quality and sustainable beauty products.

[AFAMILY] Bông tẩy trang Ipek và xu hướng làm đẹp bền vững

What is sustainable beauty?

Sustainable beauty is a trend that encourages users to use products of natural origin, environmentally friendly, simple packaging design, can be recycled or reused, … In Vietnam , Ipek Vietnam is also part of the sustainable beauty trend, from product quality to supporting green living, saving materials and protecting the environment. Ipek cotton makeup remover is growing every day to bring high-quality and environmentally friendly products to Vietnamese consumers.

Ipek cotton makeup remover and sustainable beauty trend

Established in 1972 in Europe, Ipek is a brand of organic cotton makeup remover produced by Ipek Idrofil Pamuk – a large company in Eastern Europe in cotton production. One of the outstanding advantages of Ipek products is the extraction of 100% cotton with advanced cotton production technology to help remove makeup and clean all dirt on the skin.

[AFAMILY] Bông tẩy trang Ipek và xu hướng làm đẹp bền vững 1

Thanks to the natural cotton composition, not mixed with nylon, the decomposition rate of Ipek makeup remover is 5 times faster than that of cotton mixed with fibers. The process of growing and caring for cotton is completely according to the traditional method without using greenhouses and chemicals. The process of cleaning and pressing cotton to the finished product does not use bleach. The packaging of Ipek makeup remover is produced from recycled materials, even the cotton shell is completely recycleable.

With the spirit of supporting the trend of sustainable beauty, environmental protection, and affirming the position of Ipek makeup remover in the Vietnamese market. On each Ipek makeup remover, paper stamps have been removed, instead, product information is printed in Vietnamese on the packaging, clearly stating the ingredients, instructions for use and information of the importer, environmentally friendly packaging, produced from recycled materials, is biodegradable to ensure environmental safety.

Therefore, Ipek votton makeup remover is one of the few cotton brands in the world to achieve the following safety certifications:

– ECOCERT certification certifies that the product is of natural origin, committed to not using stimulants, fertilizers and pesticides in the cultivation process.

– GMP standard certification: Ipek cotton factory meets GMP standards: Clean production, energy saving, quality waste treatment, environmental protection.

– Ecolabel certified, Ipek makeup remover does not cause environmental pollution during production and usage.

– Ipek cotton makeup remover certified 9001: 2015

[AFAMILY] Bông tẩy trang Ipek và xu hướng làm đẹp bền vững 2

Thanks to the above safety certificates, users with sensitive skin can comfortably remove makeup on eyes, lips, … without worry!

We always strive to be better

As one of the first cotton makeup remover brands imported to Vietnam, over the years Ipek cotton has increasingly left a mark in the minds of customers. To achieve that, Ipek Vietnam is still making efforts every day to bring quality and affordable makeup remover products to Vietnamese consumers. Customers, lets join hands with Ipek makeup remover to protect the environment. Say no to cotton makeup remover products of no clear origin, made from chemical materials and together propagate about the harmful effects of plastic waste to the atmosphere and climate change… Hope that our efforts will reach your heart!

You can find out more information about Ipek makeup remover or buy directly through the fanpage and official website of Ipek Vietnam:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bong.tay.trang.IPEK

Website: http://ipek.vn/

Hotline: 0917.002.332 – 1900 1263

For clear, bright skin, don’t forget to remove makeup every day with Ipek cotton, a soft 100% cotton pad will help you remove makeup, dirt and oil on your skin easily. “Admit” Ipek makeup remover immediately to your daily skin cleansing routine!

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