[24H] Singer Phan Dinh Tung: Choose Pierrot for Noel, shine with a bright smile

Recently, Phan Dinh Tung has made an impressive new impression on the audience through a children’s music project with the participation of his beloved daughter – Noel. He believes that when raising preschoolers, it’s important to pay attention to details to help them develop. We must nurture both our soul and health, from our teeth to our hair. Being a rather difficult person, he has shared his experience of taking care of his family and especially baby Noel by always letting her appear with the brightest smile. Let’s explore this story with the male singer!

[24H] Ca sĩ Phan Đinh Tùng: Chọn Pierrot cho bé Noel tỏa sáng nụ cười tươi

Hello! It is known that you are developing a music project for children, so is Noel and Noal the motivation for you to do it?

Correct! Since having children, Tung has had feelings to write children’s music and had the idea of ​​developing a music channel for children. This is a natural project that comes from Tung’s heart. It’s the joyful moments of being with my family and playing with my children that inspired and motivated me to create children’s family songs.

[24H] Ca sĩ Phan Đinh Tùng: Chọn Pierrot cho bé Noel tỏa sáng nụ cười tươi 1

Noel makes a big contribution to this music project, does Mr. Tung have any secret to boost her confident when appearing in public?

As for Noel, perhaps there is a bit of artistry in her blood, so she is quite cooperative when participating in music projects. However, to say what helps me to be confident is thanks to a bright smile with teeth that are not decayed.

For young children, when they lack confidence in any weak point, they will be very timid in public. With the desire for the children to be cheerful and confident when smiling, Tung’s family is very focused on nurturing living habits for the whole family to aim at creating positive behavior for the kids. From communication to create daily life habits, we want to maintain the habit oral care everyday for our 2 children.

[24H] Ca sĩ Phan Đinh Tùng: Chọn Pierrot cho bé Noel tỏa sáng nụ cười tươi 2

Can you share more about the family’s oral care routine and how to maintain a beautiful smile for Noel?

Tung always wants to connect our family members, so everyone always performs all activities together. Me and my wife always accompany with our 2 lovely children who take care of their teeth every day, don’t forget to brush their teeth 3 times a day, 3 minutes each time to make their teeth bright and shiny.

[24H] Ca sĩ Phan Đinh Tùng: Chọn Pierrot cho bé Noel tỏa sáng nụ cười tươi 3

For Noel, Tung has researched and trusted to choose Pierrot children’s toothpaste – directly researched by leading Spanish experts with safe and quality ingredients.

The product delivers outstanding performance with organic calcium to prevent plaque formation, the right calcium supplement to protect tooth enamel and is sugar-free, paraben-free, and foam-free. After using, Noel is very happy because the cream is not spicy, clean and smells like a strawberry.

In addition to using toothpaste, does Noel have any more tips to prevent tooth decay and have stronger teeth?

Parents often do not pay attention to mouthwash products for children, because they think it is not necessary. However, dental experts said that children’s oral hygiene is not completely clean. When using mouthwash, one more time the oral cavity is cleaned, removing food debris and remaining bacteria to help clean baby’s teeth.

Therefore, Tung chose to add strawberry-flavored Pierrot mouthwash for Noel. Still a sweet strawberry flavor, a special formula for children from Spain that helps to deep clean the oral cavity without the spicy feeling.

[24H] Ca sĩ Phan Đinh Tùng: Chọn Pierrot cho bé Noel tỏa sáng nụ cười tươi 4

Finally, a message from you to parents in taking care of their baby’s teeth?

Choose age-appropriate and specialized dental care products for your baby. Never neglect your baby’s dental care. And don’t let your child brush his teeth alone. Let’s make brushing time a fun time for the whole family.

Thank you for the sharing of Mr. Phan Dinh Tung’s family. Wish your family success, full of health and always shine with a bright smile with Pierrot!


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