Treaclemoon is the leading prestigious body care brand in Europe, leading the trend of natural cosmetics, conquering customers with the magical experience of scents capable of arousing emotions, creating a source of inspiration. positive energy every day. Therefore, Treaclemoon is often of the top favorite brands of all ages around the world.

Treaclemoon’s products in Vietnam are exclusively distributed by Dai Linh Group, including shower gel, exfoliating gel… tested by the Institute of Dermatology, containing completely extracted from natural herbs, the ability to regenerate skin. Soft and smooth with a strong fruity aroma that lingers on the body for a long time.

In particular, Treaclemoon is always actively changing packaging, improving products to be environmentally friendly, and at the same time not testing on animals, free of Parabens and silicones, allergenic fragrances, loved by the customer community. like and support enthusiastically.