Pierrot is the leading Spanish brand specializing in the production of high-quality oral care products since 1945. Currently, Pierrot is a global brand that has been present in more than 55 countries worldwide.

Through nearly 80 years of development, Pierrot has always been creative, constantly learning and researching to produce comprehensive oral care products, from toothbrushes, gels/toothpaste, mouthwash, and scented sprays. mouth … combined with natural ingredients such as honey, green tea, aloe vera, bring outstanding effects but still safe and benign for the whole family.

In addition to the cleaning and whitening product line, Pierrot is particularly strong in the group of products serving special needs such as strong teeth, healthy gums, products for people with braces, anti-tooth decay for children … Behind Pierrot’s success is a long story about dedicated dentists who understand and share all customers’ problems, thereby offering the fastest, most convenient and easy solution.

According to many recent studies, 92% of Vietnamese people have oral problems due to mistakes in daily habits. Pierrot offers a new standard in dental care, focusing on nourishing from within most professionally, so you are always confident with a healthy and beautiful smile.