Maternea is a typical cosmetic brand from Bulgaria, with nearly 60 years of experience in the field of beauty care for pregnant and postpartum women. This is a specific object that always requires high quality in products and production materials, it is necessary to ensure benign and safety principles are always at the highest level.

The ingredients in each Maternea product are carefully selected from pure and quality natural essential oils to work effectively at each skin layer with different needs but without affecting your sensitive skin. Pregnant women, safe for the fetus and newborn. Therefore, Maternea has conquered and brought optimal skincare for mothers. The product is dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, free of artificial fragrances but still has a mild natural essential oil fragrance.

In Vietnam, Maternea is imported and distributed exclusively by Dai Linh Group with the following products: Body Firming Cream, Hot Gel to reduce fat against fat accumulation, Relaxing and cooling foot gel, Anti-stretch mark cream Full body skin,… With the line of skincare products for pregnant and postpartum mothers, Maternea has blown a new wind and brought comprehensive care to women Vietnam.