Born in 1983, Eveline is one of the most successful global cosmetic brands today, present in more than 90 countries, and is the representative of the European natural cosmetic line.

The quality of Eveline products has been confirmed by hundreds of prestigious domestic and international awards such as Prix de Beaute Prize of Cosmopolitan magazine, 2015, 2016, 2017…; Silver Prize for Consumer Choice 2012 voted product…; Polish Exclusive Logo 2011 – the award is given to the best brands and best foreign brands in Poland; Oska Prize 2007 – a prestigious award for the Polish cosmetics industry; Best selling products in 2008 …

The product lines of Eveline are plentiful and diversified from makeup, skincare, skincare, fat loss, sun protection, hair removal … to meet the maximum beauty needs of all customers. In particular, Eveline’s inventors have created products from nature, based on the most typical and premium ingredients from many countries such as minerals from Korea Jeju Island, natural green tea leaves, and aloe vera. organic … provides a complete and completely benign care solution. The product is manufactured based on the standards and technology of Dr. Taylor and recommended by the British Academy of Dermatology to be effective and safe for the user.

In Vietnam, the Eveline brand has been exclusively distributed by Dai Linh Group since 2008 and quickly conquered the national customer community, helping to exploit and elevate the hidden beauty of Vietnamese women to shine.