AquaVera is the main cosmetic brand of Beyaz Cosmetic – a group specializing in the production of leading cosmetics in Europe today. AquaVera’s products have been present in dozens of countries such as Dubai, India, the Philippines, Nepal … and quickly won the trust of the customer community with millions of bottles sold every day around the world.

AquaVera has 8 main product lines including antibacterial hand sanitizer, dry hand washing gel, feminine hygiene solution, shower gel, baby body wash, glass cleaner, dish soap, and perfume, with pepper Technical standards and product quality strictly ensure the GMP rules in the cosmetic industry, are safe for the skin and are environmentally friendly.

In particular, AquaVera’s antiseptic and antibacterial products such as hand sanitizer, dry hand gel … are increasingly popular, helping to create new habits, building a sense of health protection in the community.

In Vietnam, Dai Linh Group is the exclusive distributor of the AquaVera brand nationwide. With the companionship of Dai Linh Group, AquaVera’s products were present at more than 1,000 supermarkets, large and small agents, and national cosmetics stores, becoming the “national” product and the number 1 choice of people. smart consumption