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Dai Linh Group – A journey of responsibility to the Community, Society & Environment

CSR activities showing responsibility to society, the community and the environment have always been paid great attention and focus to by Dai Linh Group.

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8/3 give what to cut the heart of half the world???

International Women’s Day is coming very close, have you guys thought of a great gift to give “that person”? Don’t hesitate to search anymore, let’s open the Top 3 heart gift sets from the famous Skinlovers cosmetic brand with Dai Linh, ensuring that no matter how fastidious ladies are, they have to “melt” because of the sophistication of their products. Friend!

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I am a travel-lover and my trips wouldn’t be perfect without Dr.Her Paris. For those – who have dehydrated skins because of having flights, working ouside or in smoggy areas often like me, using Dr.Her Paris is the best habit to protect your skins.

Hai Yen Babe / Hot vlogger

Pierrot Piwy Strawberry Toothpaste and Strawberry Pierrot Mouthwash have been a “companion” to take care of your baby’s teeth for 2 years now. With a number of outstanding ingredients: organic calcium, standard Fluoride, … helps to whiten baby’s teeth, prevent tooth decay and freshen breath.

Hot mom Luong Thanh Huyen / Ha Noi

As an MC, Trang often has to wear makeup before recording. Therefore, in Trang’s handbag, there is always Dr HER Paris mineral spray to reset the makeup to help the color last and not to lose the tone.

Huyen Trang / Miss Hanoi 2019

Dr HER mineral spray product is Linh’s inseparable object. Linh liked it from the first time because the pink and white color was just right. In addition, the top spray head, emits a small but very fine mist.

Do Hoai Linh / Actor

My favorite thing about Pierrot Piwy toothpaste is that it contains organic calcium to help remove plaque, neutralize acids, prevent yellowing and tooth decay. Strawberry flavored ice cream so baby loves it. The product is safe and benign, if the baby accidentally swallows it, it will not affect anything.

Hot mom Ha Trinh / Ha Noi

I have been using Dr HER mineral spray for more than 1 year, really like it. The spray head is never clogged, it is very smooth to use and moisturizes the skin well. And I really like her cute packaging.

Trinh Minh Tam / Miss Elegance Hanoi 2020

Being a model who’s often on-screen, i choose make-up products quite carefully and strictly. And W.Lab had my choice. The brand is extremely famous in Korea because of natural & lead-free extracts, trendy color tones and skin protective effect.

Hong Nhung / Model

Since using Pierrot Piwy strawberry toothpaste, my baby is extremely excited and always consciously brushes her teeth every day. The product is genuine imported from Spain, meeting European standards of 3 no: No SLS – No parabens – No sugar so it is extremely safe for baby’s weak teeth and gums.

Hot mom Nguyen Thu Huong / Ha Noi

Every 10 hours in the office is 10 hours with air-conditioning, so I always has Dr HER Paris mineral spray with to moisturize, cool and refresh for skin. I recommend you to choose You should choose genuine cosmetics with clear origin like Dr.HER Paris.

Chi Sally / Hot vlogger

In makeup remover cottons, I only trust Ipek cotton makeup remover because of EU origin, no chemical detergents, 100% cotton soft and smooth, and no cotton fibers. My friends around me all use Ipek makeup remover cotton and feel that since using Ipek makeup remover cotton, it is impossible to change to another type.

Tran Ngoc Anh / MC at VTV