About Us

Founded in 2002, Dai Linh Import-Export Trading Joint Stock Company (DAILINH GROUP) did affrim our position as the leading company in importing and distributing cosmetics. With our extensive experience, we strongly commit to supply these reputable and professional  products and services in order to contribute to honor the Vietnamese beauty.

DAILINH built up two important principle to follow up from the beginning: (1) DAILINH did define the core value of company: product quality; (2) Substainable development is the irreplacable strategy all the time. Therefore, while making a choice of distributing a new brand, the first priority is product quality. Moreovers, Trends/tastes of consumers and price are the key success factors of DAILINH GROUP for many years.

Currently, DAILINH GROUP is proud to be the leading company working in importing and distributing cosmetics that has reputated relationship with big partners in Vietnam and foreign countries. At the moment, DAILINH is the exclusive distributor of more than 10 well-known cosmetics brands with international standards: EVELINE – POLAND, PIERROT – SPAIN, IPEK – TURKEY, SKINLOVERS – KOREA, AQUAVERA – TURKEY, ICOTTON – LATVIA, BOCOTON – FRANCE, WLAB – KOREA, INESSANCE PARIS – FRANCE, SODICO – ITALY, MAY ISLAND – KOREA… In Vietnam, for the national sales network, the cosmetic brands distributed by DAILINH GROUP are more familiar with Vietnamese consumers day by day.

Besides, DAILINH never rests on the laurels of achievements, we are regularly working hard to dedicate our dynamic and creative ability in reaching our missions: bringing more high-quality products complying with international standard and create a big chance to access the cosmetics trend/ famous brands for Vietnamese Consumers. For the next step, the sales network of DAILINH GROUP is constantly being expanded not only in Vietnam but also to the regional level.

On the other hand, DAILINH GROUP also has sense of responsibility for society and focus on bulding up company culture: friendly, united and supportive in order to be easy in interating for new members and fully promote the ability of all employees. In DAILINH GROUP, we understand that The HUMAN is the core value for our Substainable business, holding on the position of leading company in this industry and contributing to community development.